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As you may be aware, on Friday the 20th February, Minister Simon Coveney signed into law the new regulations on the compulsory microchipping of dogs.

This is intended to give you a brief summary of the important points of this piece of legislation and how it affects you. 

The main points 

  1. From March 31st 2016, all dogs must be microchipped, their details registered on an approved Database, and their owners must have a certificate from the database to prove this.
  2. From the 1st September 2015 any pup must be microchipped by the time they reach the age of 12 weeks or before they leave the property on which they were born. The microchipping must be registered with an approved Database and the breeder or owner must have a certificate from the database with the pup’s details and the owner’s details on it.
  3. From the 1st September 2015 it will be illegal to sell, supply, buy or take ownership of a pup that does not have a certificate of microchip registration from an approved Database. This law applies to all dogs from the 31st March 2016.
  4. It is the responsibility of the registered owner of the dog to ensure that the details stored on the Database are always correct and up to date and they should inform the Database of changes to addresses and contact details if they occur. These changes must also be recorded on the Certificate.
  5. Any dog microchipped prior to the commencement of these regulations DO NOT need to be re-chipped. The owner must however ensure that their details are stored on an approved Database, their details are correct and the Database will then supply them with a certificate confirming this.
  6. A microchip must be of a specific technical standard and the supplier of it must have a contract with an approved database for the storage of the data.
  7. Any Vet or Vet Nurse who microchips and registers a dog must have a unique identifying code (U.I.C.) that is issued by an approved Database and this number is to be used to record registrations and will be contained on the certificate.
  8. All Vets and Nurses must complete a training course with an approved DB to allow them to register data with that Database.
  9. Records made under this law must be kept for 20 years.

Updated on 20/04/2015

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