Pets Travelling to Ireland 

Lissenhall has been the Department of Agriculture approved quarantine site for all pets entering Ireland through Dublin Airport since the 1960's. We are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

With changes in legislation pets usually do not need to complete quarantine when travelling to Ireland from any country worldwide.

If you have a pet travelling into Ireland from a non European country please contact us with the flight details so that we may assist you in making arrangements for pet passport inspection on entry.

The requirements for pets travelling from non-European low risk countries (for example America, Canada, UAE, see complete list here), are as follows:

•    Microchip
•    Rabies vaccination
•    At least 21 days prior to travelling
•    Endorsed health certificate (from originating country authority)
•    Tape worm treatment 1-5 days prior to travel (for dogs only)

The requirements for pets travelling from non-European high risk countries are as follows:

•    Microchip
•    Rabies vaccination
•    Rabies blood test one month later
•    A three month wait from date the blood was drawn
•    Endorsed health certificate (from originating country authority)
•    Tape worm treatment 1-5 days prior to travel (for dogs only)

If your pet is travelling from within Europe they do not go through this process; for a full description of all requirements of international pet travel please refer to the Department of Agriculture.

When Your Pet Lands in Dublin Airport

When your pet lands in Dublin Airport our approved courier, Declan Kelly, is waiting there to collect. He liaises with the handling agent for your airline and an agent from The Department of Agriculture to clear customs and have your pet released from cargo. This tends to be the most time consuming part of the process. 

Your pet is then brought straight here, to Lissenhall, for pet passport inspection. Within our veterinary hospital we have an approved, designated area for pet passport inspection. Once the vet has completed the checks and the pet has passed the inspection they are released to the owner. All running smoothly, your pet should be ready for collection from us approximately one hour after the flight has landed. 

If you cannot collect your pet immediately after this process we can arrange boarding for as long as is necessary (anything from a few hours to a few weeks!). 

As we are a fully equipped veterinary hospital please let us know if your pet has any medical or special requirements so that we can cater to their needs.


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